20 Day Fat Loss Accelerator

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This 20-day Aggressive Fat loss Accelerator plan is designed to strip a generous layer of fat off your body in a compressed time frame. The meals are simple, cheap, and ultra-efficient to drop fat in a hurry. The Plan is designed to push your body to the limits of how much fat it can lose while offsetting the genetic and hormonal responses of weight rebound that generally follow. This program can yield anywhere between 10 and 24lbs throughout its duration. It's uniquely comprised of 20 days of accelerated fat loss, followed by 7 days of metabolic, genetic and hormonal offsets to ensure the fat you lost stays off and never returns. A word to the wise, if you have a lot of fat to lose, cycle between one month on and one month off between the Accelerator and the Foundational AFF Program. This cycling process will yield the most robust metabolism and sustainable fat loss. When you have no more fat lose, revert to your Foundational AFF Program and continue to enjoy living healthy, lean and most of all, happy!

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