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It's finally time to take control of your health. Do you want to lose weight, combat inflammation, put on muscle, compete in an ironman or you just want to eat right based on your genetics? Regardless of your health goals, I'm here to help you each month tackle whatever obstacle is in front of you. Once you master the craft of health, you have mastered a large section of your life.

What's Included in your Program: 

Your personal program will be outlined in a simple, easy to read guide. This program is highly specific which will optimize your results the closer you stick to it. Many variables are considered in your program development such as genetics, blood type, ethnicity, occupation, hormones, gender, geographical location, and many other factors. Please remember that building programs to this degree do take time. Please allow for up to 2-3 weeks for your program development.


 +Weekly Calorie Intake (Calories are adjusted each week based on progress) 

+Weekly Macro Intake (Quantity of Fats, Proteins and Carbs will all be adjusted) 

+Customized workout program (intensity, type, weights, reps, sets)

+Workout schedule (based on commitment level, lifestyle and schedule)

+Weekly Weigh-in's (Keeps you on track with your goals)

+Weekly Measurements (Monitoring your problem areas)

+Customized Fasting Schedule (Based on Stressors and Body Type)

+Custom Sleep Schedule (Optimize mood, muscle growth and hormones) 

+Food Typing Recommendations (Based on blood type, goals, and lifestyle) 

+Food Timing Schedule (Best times to eat based on genetics and goals)

+Hormone Recommendations (Steps to balance cortisol, dopamine etc..)

+Vitamin Recommendations (Based on multiple factors) 

+Supplement Recommendations (Based on multiple factors)

+Before and after photos (Done monthly)

+House hold suggestions to improve your environment 

+Lifestyle Guidance (Daily suggestions to improve well being) 

+Hydration Schedule (When and how much fluid are ideal for you) 


 Stick to the program and you will succeed!

" I'll be here for every step of the mountain " - Michael


We offer a strict no refund policy on all programs.


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