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Body Master Coaching Certification

Body Master Coaching Certification

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Imagine a world, where you can solve some of the most simple and complex health problems with ease, while making over $250k a year in the process.

There is a huge gap in the health market, for properly educated health coaches and this is your Golden Opportunity to Prosper. The hard truth is that this industry is heavily saturated with "health influencers" who have no idea what they are doing. Unfortunately, it's costing millions of people their health and wellbeing.

By becoming Body Master Certified, you are elevating yourself 10 years ahead, of any other certification in the market. Having been a National Head Coach for one of the world's most successful international franchises, you're going to have direct access to the most cutting-edge science and business strategies in the market.

What's even better, you'll be the first in line as those strategies evolve with demand, so you can pace yourself and your business, decades ahead of everyone else in the health industry, 

This certification is not a weekend course where you learn about macronutrients and water intake. 

This certification IS by far the most comprehensive in the market, for those looking to establish a distinct and powerful presence in the health industry.

Learning modules, content, strategies and assignments have all been meticulously designed to marry the complex mechanisms of the body and business, into a simple and easily understandable format, so your business and knowledge can succeed with ease.

The total course duration will take you 26 weeks to complete, though it's self paced for those who have larger or smaller time commitments.

Brilliance is the ability to make complex things simple - Michael Knapp

Your Course will Include:

  • Direct access to highly qualified coaches and educators to answer any and all questions on either arm of your business, creating an infinitely successful environment for growth, development and success.
  • A community of brilliant like-minded coaches who share similar values of integrity, education, transparency and worth
  • Incorporated within the coaching program are comprehensive workbooks designed to assist coaches in discerning both the strengths and areas for improvement within their business and coaching practices
  • Business Arm:
    • Passion to Profit: Turning your love into a successful business
    • 6 Pack of Success: Building the right muscles to become a successful entrepreneur
    • Define your Niche: Researching your competitors to dial in your Niche
    • Branding Magic: Design a Distinctive Brand Identity that makes you stand out.
    • Social Presence: Craft Irresistible Social Media Content to keep them hooked
    • Premium Pricing: Why health is worth more than you think
    • SMS Post: How to Create Engaging Posts that convert
    • Dynamic Chat: Flow How to Convert Leads with Killer Communication Skills.
    • The Power Hour: Your most time-efficient tool for generating new business and creating solid relationships with your prospects
    • Sales call: Close the deal in 10 minutes.
    • Insightful Intake: Unlock Client Understanding through Intake Forms
    • Client-Centric Research: Deep Dive into Your Target Audience
    • Presentation Powerhouse: Deliver Killer Coaching Presentations to close $10k+ sales
    • Productivity Powerhouse: Optimize Your Work Day for Maximum Results
    • Tech-Savvy Success: Leverage Technology to Boost Your Business
    • Financial Mastery: Budgeting for Profitable Health Coaching
    • Self-Care Success: Nurturing Yourself for Sustainable Health Coaching
    • Loyal Tribe: Mastering Client Retention Strategies
    • Referral Revolution: Harnessing Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    • Retain, Refer, Repeat: Strategies for Long-Term Success
  • Health Arm
    • Insulin & IGF1: Mastering Metabolic Pathways
    • Macrophages Unleashed: The Key to Immunological Vigilance
    • Hypoxia & HIF1: Cellular stability and oxygen deprivation
    • Immunity & Gut Health: The silent communication ecosystem within the body
    • Fat Loss Formula: Key modulating proteins and hormones that seal the deal
    • Sleep Optimization: How to upgrade 1/3 of your life while on autopilot
    • Insulin Resistance Unlocked: Breaking Free from Metabolic Barriers
    • Hormones: Balancing Your Body's Chemical Messengers
    • 2 Day Core: Strengthening Your Foundation in 48 Hours
    • Fascia Fundamentals: The Key to mobility both inside and out
    • Offsetting: Strategies to thrive in a Busy World
    • Endothelium: Keeping your physiological highways clean and clear
    • Mitochondria: Energize Your Cells for Optimal Performance
    • And so much more


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