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Imagine being able to see the exact magic that creates the very person you are.
Having your genome sequenced can give you crystal clear insight into things that were once thought unimaginable. Now through sets of very complex scientific processes, we can take a deep dive into everything that makes you, you. Your genetics. Are you at risk for certain genetic disorders on your father's side of the family? Do you find that you gain weight incredibly quickly for what seems to be no reason at all? What supplements and foods should you actually be consuming to build the best version of yourself? Having your genome sequenced provides you with unreal power to craft your lifestyle choices in favour of your specific genetics in a truly measurable manner. Up until this point, most of the genetic recommendations were based on guesswork and assumptions based on your family history, but now we have the power to physically place our finger on the pulse of your specific DNA and leverage those findings to build you the best possible body and health that science can offer. 

It's not just about the cards you've been dealt, 
It's what you do with them that matters.

My DNA test can give you the answers to questions you've always had, like:


What diet should I stick to? Keto, Paleo, Vegan?


Why am I having difficulty seeing results even though I am always at the gym?


Why do I constantly experience headaches, migraines, fatigue, and tiredness?


Is Hormone Replacement Therapy, the birth control pill, or hormone coated IUDs safe for me?


Why are my cholesterol numbers so high, even though I live a healthy lifestyle?


Is there a genomic link to disorders like addiction, anxiety, PTSD, and depression?


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