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Imagine having every day, every week and every month mapped out for your success. The Year of the Alpha is a year-long guide to provide you support no matter where you are mentally, physically and emotionally. When we don't have structure, there is nothing for us to anchor our commitment to. This is one of many reasons why almost all fat loss plans don't work. Life can get in the way sometimes causing us to temporarily deviate from our fat loss plan. When this happens, we don't know where to pick back up. Do you restart the program? Do you pick up where you left off? Should you continue the same routine? How do you get back on track properly? These are all questions that come up which can often discourage someone who is already struggling with motivation. This can then create a destructive loop in your ability and motivation to lose fat as time moves on. We can solve this problem with the Year of the Alpha program. It is designed in such a way that the plan continues to move forward with the seasons and months of the year. Should something arise and you miss a couple of weeks on the program, you can pick back up on the week you are currently in. As an example, let's say you are in Week 1 of November and you have a personal issue resulting in 2 weeks of absence from the program. To resolve this issue you simply pick back up on Week 3 of November. This program is designed to follow you like your spirit animal everywhere you go, providing you support and guidance regardless of your circumstance. Having this type of plan means that you and your success can run parallel with one another regardless of time and circumstance. 

The Year of the Alpha includes:

  • Lightning-quick workouts are scheduled to maximize and stabilize hormones like cortisol and regulate circadian rhythm.
  • Delicious meal plans designed to satisfy your tastebuds, keep you on schedule for rapid fat loss and provide mouthwatering convenient foods that keep your cravings in check
  • Science-backed supplement cycling to maximize fat loss, anti-aging protocols, bulletproof gut health, supercharged hormones and remarkable cognitive function
  • Monthly and Bi-Weekly mini-programs to keep your body resilient and strong (2 examples being fat re-modelling and young muscle protocols)
  • Every week you will have access to Body Master Approved Treat Nights where you can choose to have things like Pizza, Tacos, Pasta and Much More!!
  • In addition to the above, you will also receive a Body Master Cookie of the Month where 2 times per week you can replace your breakfast with Cookies!
  • Private Group Access to The Alpha Female Facebook Group which includes Live Q&A's with The Body Master to get any and all of your questions answered in detail! 
  • Stay motivated with the Alpha Accountability Program! - Make friends with other Alpha Females in the community to further help keep you on track and motivated!
  • 24/7 Chat support with through The Body Master APP fo

    End the struggle, once and for all.


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