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Healthy Human Program

Healthy Human Program

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Read this, it's important

Welcome to the most sustainable and effective health program in the world.

In the Healthy Human Program, you'll discover a wealth of knowledge across various planes of the body. Covering everything from fat loss and hormonal balance to eating for your blood type, overcoming genetic issues and even strategies for offsetting holiday indulgences.

In the Healthy Human Program, we believe that so long as you're alive, health is an ongoing process of learning, growing, and evolving, based on your unique circumstances. We're here to guide and help support you every step of the way.

As you can tell by the transformation photos, our program is incredibly effective at solving the problem of fat loss. We have mastered the formula of sustaining a lean, healthy and young body, while still living a free, normal and happy life. 

On the surface, impeccable health and an amazing body can seem easy to achieve, but underneath, the human body is one of the most complex organisms on the planet. Which quite often, is why so many people struggle to obtain it.

That's why over the last 20 years, we've been mastering the ultimate formula to deliver a program that's as beautiful and simple in its design, as it is effective and sustainable.

The result of that success is The Healthy Human Program

Inside, you'll discover the transformative keys that unlock the boundless potential of your well-being. A sanctuary of highly accredited, next-generation coaches all ready to help you cross the holistic bridge, propelling you to the future of health, that you deserve.

So let's take a deeper look at what's included!

Nutrition Pillar:

  • Modern-Day Nutrition Plans: allow you to experience food the way it's meant to be enjoyed, without causing detriment to your health or progress.. We actively teach you how to prepare for holidays, social events or even occasional treat nights, so you can find harmony between the experiences of life, while still successfully accomplishing your goals.
  • Blood Type Specific Food Recommendations: Yes, you read that correctly. You will have access to the most powerful nutrition plans ever created. Completely customized to your unique blood type, your body's internal chemistry can flourish and prosper with ease without ever having to stress about knowing which foods are the best ones for your body.
  • Food Timing: We've mastered the biological art, of knowing exactly when to have certain foods. This strategy is how we're able to maximize fat loss, balance hunger hormones, minimize cravings and keep energy levels, on par with an active teenager all while still providing a healthy sense of food freedom and flexibility.
  • Custom-Curated Recipes: The Devine Body Master Chef (still an understatement), will definitely have you and your tastebuds, excited each and every week to experience new and mouth-watering dishes, that are as simple to make as they are delicious and enjoyable. This truly makes a recipe for sustainability and success.
  • Extras: Calorie and Macronutrient trackers to take your success to the next level, Flexible meal plans based on your current time and lifestyle demands, 24/7 chat support, private coaching access and so much more. Success is inevitable with the Healthy Human Program.
  • Exercise Pillar:Lifestyle-Specific Exercises: Whether you're a busy entrepreneur, retired or you're running a household of high-energy children, we have exercise routines for every situation, circumstance and environment. Just because life gets chaotic, doesn't mean your health has to be!
  • Adaptable Routines: When time runs short, what can you do? Well, our Healthy Human Minimalist routines make sure to bridge the gap between your lack of time and what your thriving body needs to keep you young, healthy and lean. We recognize that there will always be periods in your life when time runs low. That's why our Minimalist Routines are designed to be the safety net, keeping you on track, without adding more than you can manage.
  • Customized Exercise Programs: If you can't find a routine specific to your unique situation, message your mobility coach to have one custom-designed just for you, Whether it's a nagging knee injury or wanting to focus on toning your abs, your Healthy Human Mobility Coach, can provide you an exact road-map to accomplishing your exercise goals.
  • Mental Wellness Pillar:Mental Health Support: If you are having a rough week or you're going through a major life event, don't hesitate to reach out to our highly distinguished mental health expert. Your conversations with us are not just confidential; they are a safe space where we listen, understand, and collaboratively create a personalized strategy, offering a warm embrace to guide you back to your own inner strength.
  • Stress Management: Let's be honest, the world can seem like a pretty chaotic place. Inside the Healthy Human Program, you'll find peaceful, yet highly effective strategies to help manage your stress. You'll discover life-changing tools like The Body Master Breathwork Program, Mindful Meditation Practices, Binaural Frequencies and even Individualized Strategies designed by our Mental Health Expert. When your mind is in the right place, all of your dreams can become a reality.
  • Learning Pillar:Education Modules: It's one thing to follow the world's best program, but true success is anchored not just in following, but by deeply understanding it. In saying so, every Healthy Human Member will have full unrestricted access to enrich their mind with the very principles of what creates their success. If you want to understand fat loss at a deeper level, attend one of our weekly live Q&As and if you need something a little more flexible, dive into the learning modules and follow along at your own pace. The Healthy Human Program truly captures the exact tools needed for your success
  • Live Q&A's: As mentioned above, we host live weekly Q&A's designed to effectively answer your burning questions about health. Should I be taking a multivitamin? How often should I weigh myself? Why should I be eating for my blood type? The possibilities are endless. Even if you happen to miss one of our health-enriching sessions, don't worry, we keep the Q&A's available at all times for you to catch up on what you may have missed!
  • Coaching Hub: Imagine having unlimited access to some of the best coaches on the planet. Whether you're struggling with fat loss or need to improve your focus throughout the day, The Healthy Human Program is the central hub for your success. Simply book a time to meet with the appropriate coach that you need help from and together, form a strategy to get you back on track and headed toward your goals.
  • Guest Speakers: Once inside, you'll have the opportunity to experience a variety of specialists ranging from childhood trauma experts to relationship coaches, and even plant specialists to make sure you and your family experience the best possible air quality. The weekly experience of our guest speakers is nothing short of amazing and is a wonderful addition to the program.
  •  Extra Pillars Inside:Hormone Pillar:
  • Sleep Pillar:
  • Supplement Pillar:
  • Environment Pillar:
  • Fat Loss Accelerator:
  • and so Much More!

The Healthy Human Program truly captures all of the necessary pillars that you need to be successful with your health. We are here to help inspire, problem-solve and support you regardless of your health goals. We understand that every person's experiences in life are unique and you deserve health in every sense, regardless of your struggles or circumstances.

Take our hands and let us help you cross the bridge to a healthier, happier and more enriching life. 

When you realize, that all of the systems of the body are interconnected, you'll understand why all of the solutions can be found in one place - The Healthy Human Program


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