Structured Water

Structured Water

Hey Body Masters

Have you ever heard of structured water? No, I'm not talking about how many glasses of H2O you down in a day. I'm talking about the water surrounding every single biomolecule in your bod, from your proteins to your DNA, hormones, enzymes, and receptors. It's like a cozy blanket for your cells, a hydration shell.

Now, listen up because this is the good stuff. When these hydration shells (AKA EZ water) are disturbed, it can cause a stir in your physiology. That's why it's so important to optimize both your intracellular water and structured water in the body.

Think of it this way, every biomolecule in your body needs a specific shape to function correctly. And water is the one responsible for giving your proteins their shapely silhouette. And not only that, water is also dynamic and responsive, allowing your proteins to change in response to different stimuli like sound and light.

The structure of the water surrounding your proteins can even encode important information, making it easier for your body to recognize other molecules. That's why I'm all about water for health.

Now, let's talk about hormones for a minute. Sometimes, it's not the hormone levels that are the issue; instead, the structure and responsiveness of the receptors and mediators need a little TLC. And since the function and responsiveness of these things are entirely dependent on the structured water in your body, it just makes sense to focus on it, doesn't it?

Vortexing: Agitating water in a spiral motion creates a vortex, which helps to align the water molecules and create a more structured arrangement. - I use a hand blender

Infrared treatment: Using infrared light to increase the energy of the water molecules and create a more structured arrangement. I leave my water in the sun for 2 - 3 hours.

Energizing with natural frequencies: Using sounds or vibrations to stimulate the water molecules and create a more structured arrangement. - When playing music, I'll set my water near the speaker.

Extra Tip: Add some celtic sea salt to charge your water and body even more.

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Stay hydrated,
The Body Master
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