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GLP Diet Protocol

GLP Diet Protocol

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What is the GLP Diet Protocol:
1: A simple meal plan to work with or without Ozempic as an adjunct to drastically boost fat loss and improve insulin resistance, especially in your fat cells.
2: Rebuilds the right bacteria responsible for heavily reducing the level of chronic inflammation in your fat cells and body
3: Regulates hunger hormones Chronic low calories can cause a major dip in hunger hormones, compromising your metabolism! Learn how to strategically place large cheat meals to keep your fire burning strong!
4: Improves Fat Cell Function If your fat cells are too stubborn to shrink, don't worry. We have protocols inside that will allow them to relax enough to shrink back down to their normal size.
5: Controls Weight loss/Regain Believe it or not, weight loss is the easier part. It's the weight gain after that poses a big problem. Have you ever noticed why it seems to get harder and harder each time you try to lose weight? We have some metabolism tricks up our sleeve to seal the deal on your new found weight loss!
6: Recycles old fat cells Sometimes fat cells get old, just like a piece of malfunctioning machinery. By adding in certain periods of intermittent fasting at the right times, we can recycle those old fat cells and make way for new healthy ones to keep your level of body fat lean and healthy.
7: Aids Insulin Function: Not only will this plan help manage diabetes and prediabetics, but it will improve overall function of the entire body. Remember insulin is the key delivery system for cells to get energy. If there isn't enough qualified drivers, the customers never make it to their destination!
Truth be told, this journey doesn't have to be a struggle. This plan is as effective as it is easy to follow and whenever you get bored, feel free to shake it up with new and exciting recipes for free in the Recipe Shop.
Leave the guesswork behind you and start expecting the results you deserve.

Join us on the side of life, where your dream body & health, come true.
In good health,

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