When is the best time to drink water and why?

When is the best time to drink water and why?

Whether we're drinking it, swimming in it or bathing in it....there's nothing quite like fresh water, is there?

What if I told you WHEN you were consuming water could be negatively impacting your health? Here are 3 reasons why!

1: Gut Health: When we drink water during a meal, we dilute the concentration of an essential acid could, hydrochloric acid, also known as HCL. This acid is crucial for breaking proteins and other macronutrients down from our food into smaller molecules for our body to absorb. When we dilute HCL through drinking too close, during or too soon after eating, we heavily reduce the efficiency of our digestion, leading to discomfort, bloating and even acid reflex.

2: Mineral deficiencies: One of the leading causes of health regression worldwide. Minerals are responsible for everything from DNA synthesization, cognitive function, immunity and an oceanic amount of other processes. These minerals require an acidic environment in the stomach to be absorbed properly. For example, Iron absorption is optimized at a pH of 2-3. Water is much more alkaline than that and can impact the body's ability to absorb it correctly. Over time, consuming water during your meals can create nutrient and mineral deficiencies leading to health complications.

3: Hunger dysregulation: This one is simple but often overlooked. When you consume water during a meal, it will physically take up far more real estate than what you may think. Although eating less may seem ideal for some people interested in fat loss, it's not worth the trade-off of mineral and nutrient malabsorption. We don't necessarily have an over eating problem in the world, it's the quality of food we consume. Keeping water away from meals will help build your intuition on just how much food your body needs at that meal.

The solution:
try to consume fluids 45 minutes away from meals
and upon waking to properly hydrate your body, without compromising the digestion of food, HCL or mineral absorption!

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Stay wise, your future depends on it!
The Body Master
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