Why does fat loss take so long?

Why does fat loss take so long?

Despite your best efforts, have you ever wondered why fat loss seems to take forever? Here are 4 reasons outside of diet and exercise holding you back!

1: FGF21 - this gene plays a crucial role in regulating energy balance and metabolism. Some people are born with a variation in this gene that makes it harder for them to lose fat because this gene, makes you good at storing it!

2: Cortisol - The stress hormone that will make or break your fat loss. Cortisol is needed to burn fat, but in excess, it will do the complete opposite by increasing fat storage and slowing fat burning. If your cortisol is dysregulated, get your breathing and stress management in check!

3: Circadian Rythm - Our body's internal clock regulates every physiological process. Disruptions in our sleep-wake cycle, like staying up late at night or looking at screens to close to bedtime, can interfere with fat loss by disrupting essential hormones that regulate appetite and metabolism.

4: Bacteria - The bacteria in our gut influence our ability to lose weight by affecting digestion, metabolism and the immune system. Remember, fat loss is highly governed by immunity, and the bacteria highly govern immunity in your gut.

Apply one or all of these tips to help boost your fat loss even faster! If you want a plan built around these foundations to deliver fat loss even easier and faster, make sure you check out the alpha plan in my linktree or at thebodymaster.ca

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