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After your consultation, you will have a remarkably clear path on the next course of action. The level of service, material, accessibility and plans, is unmatched by anyone in the industry. By you embarking on this journey of peak human health, you will be decades ahead of what you ever would have thought to be imaginable. Whether your goal is fat loss, longevity, disease prevention or all of the above and then some, you are going to be working with The Body Master. There's a reason coaches come to me for coaching! 

What's included with your Elite Coaching Package?

3 Month Nutrition, Exercise & Supplementation plan also to include:

  • Genetic Test - A full comprehensive genetic test analyzing everything from cardiovascular health, to sleep, nutrition hormones, fitness, mood immunity and more.
  • Blood Test - Analysis of over 43 Biomarkers including glucose, cholesterol, cortisol and much more to target specific deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals in your blood.
  • Stool Test - Gut Microbiome Health, Cellular Health, Mitochondrial Health, Immune System Health, Stress Response Health & Biological Age
  • Hormone Test - A full comprehensive hormone analysis covering everything from testosterone to estrogen 
  • Oura Ring - Not only will you receive your own Oura ring if you don't already have one, but a bi-weekly assessment of HRV Levels, Sleep Efficiency and Quantification, Full Body Recovery, Respiration Efficiency and more

Words cannot describe the level of depth I go to in honour of delivering you the most accurate and comprehensive health recommendations and actionable plans possible. In addition to all of the information I will acquire about your lifestyle, body, genetics and beyond, you'll be working alongside a coach who has personally worked with well over 4000 people in his career. By you making the choice to work with The Body Master you will have the most concise and laser-accurate health recommendations. This will take your mind, health and body to an incomprehensible level of peak human health. 

The Body Master

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